Aimchart Demonstration (v4: Flash)

Tour of Aimchart v4: Introduction

Aimchart is a web based tool for managing Precision Teaching data.
You can test Aimchart v4 by going to
You can use username "demo" and any or no password.
(All data you'll see in "demo" is made up)
There is more information about some topics in the FAQ

Tour of Aimchart v4: Viewing Data

You'll see all the data from one learner performing many actions.
You can select one or more actions to only see that data
You can simultaneously select one or more learners to see their data
A "Celeration" is a special name for a regression line.
You can unselect options to not see: datapoints, datalines or celerations.
You can also unselect options to suppress all data on positive or negative actions
You can see even more complicated multiple selections using Overlays
You can change the units of the time axis using the pulldown.

Tour of Aimchart v4: Adding Data

If you select exactly one learner and exactly one action, you can add data
Data will be added for the selected learner-action pair
A black dot appears on the bottom of the chart
It appears under todays date if today appears on the chart
Simply drag the dot where a new point should be
You can only drag it to allowed locations
then click "save" to save the point
Your data is uploaded to the database and your screen refreshed.

Tour of Aimchart v4: More

There is more functionality being added all the time
For instance, advanced users can change the styles of thier actions
These styles can have arbirtary colors, transparency, and shapes of points
(Styles are not documented yet)

Facts about Aimchart v4: Flash

Version 4 of Aimchart requires Flash Player 7 or greater from Macromedia.
You can learn more about Aimchart versions
Aimchart is definitely still an under-development work in progress
Aimchart v4 is currently considered alpha software which may have bugs.
v4 is available for public use because even in alpha
it is more functional and reliable than v3 was.

Aimchart v4 Flash : Development

Every piece of Flash on Aimchart's site is part of version 4.
Previous versions of Aimchart used no Flash or ColdFusion
All of v4 was produced by Ben Merbitz of XIG Networks
Aimchart makes use of many Flash MX 2004 Components
Almost everything else on aimchart is drawn in actionscript
A custom drawing library was developed for aimchart using styles and nodes.

Copyright 2005 Ben Merbitz.