Aimchart has two different version identifications. One is for aimchart releases and the other is for flash builds. Generally there will be flash builds whenever significant changes are made, and aimchart versions when those changes are released as stable.

Therefore anyone using the testing flash builds will see a very different number than the "real" version number.
Aimchart Version - - - Build
4.0 first flash stable release - tba
This will be the first flash testing release that performs most of the functionality of the PJJ version
3 final PJJ version
2 reworked PJJ by consultancy
1 Perl, Javascript & Java,
original by students

Flash Build Version Notes

Note that many bugs appear in the build release notes which were never found or exercised by users. Some were inaccessible to users. Many subsystem bugs only existed when the surrounding structure was changed to make the other improvements in that build.

Relatively minor upgrades intended for relatively near releases:

add pixelratio correction
add "function" to keylist
add date to keylist
next date is 12 June 2005

Sponsored features

Morningside Academy Draggable data points
Morningside Academy Alternative time-axis choices (weekly, etc)
Morningside Academy Alternative data style choices
Morningside Academy Markers (phase lines)

Remaining required features for decommissioning the old PJJ site.

Sponsorable features (changes that are planned and structured already but not implemented)

Note: This is probably the best list of things aimchart DOESN'T do right now
"better failure with old versions of Flash Player"
add ability to modify (not just add) points on the flash chart req's ssi work
make screenlist smarter so it excludes screens you can't actually use
change layout to more closely match paper chart (reqs poplist)
arbitrary web pictures as points
alternative "weekly (Quarter)" chart - 364 days/yr instead of 420
ability to view or modify details of an existing action
ability to view or modify details of an existing learner
ability of duration in dragpoint to use units other than minutes
ability to rename groups
implicit group of all students you own
the ability to have a subset of a group of actions automatically display whenever one is chosen (real pairs)
Kiosk Mode bypassing passwords for young classrooms with a single computer
flash interface for configuring action styles
flash interface for assigning action styles
tightening up the used screen real estate to regain 800x600
rearrange charting subscreens
make overlays a poplist
additional axis labels on chart
improved use of keystroke mapping
improved use of context menus
Allow offline data collection
draggable point always at the lower - left corner.
real phases (with math)
group markers/notes (applying to more than 1 Learner/Action)
expandable notes (so you can have long note-markers without cluttering the chart)
visual marking of "datesize" to show imprecision (2005 May 22)
automatic portrait printing (2005 May 23)
user selectable choice about how low a floor point is plotted


the ability to change an existing point can't work until the old site is disabled. (date pkey)
For compatibility with the old site, default action times are currently rounded to the nearest whole minute before being used.
There is a bug in the way Flash shrinks ComboBoxes that interferes with our system for shrinking the application to fit small monitors

Unfixed bugs

a green box sometimes remains after choosing from a menu
There are no poplist summaries for groups being managed
changing the date pops the last focused list
draggable mouseover count should be truncated
sometimes no data appears unless you refresh the browser
data summaries
intradaily points

Version 0.2.8b - 2005 December 06

Fixed new learner misspelling.

Version 0.2.8a - 2005 December 06

Fixed duration bug.
Changed "neutral" action to "maintain"
Marker Align Right
removed square from newstyle

Version 0.2.7h - 2005 October 16

Added actual submission of new Aim Lines to database
Added editing and deleting of Aim Lines

Version 0.2.7d - 2005 October 14

Fixed dragging of new Markers in exp version
Added indicies to speed phase-based point insertion

Version 0.2.7c - 2005 October ~11

Probably fixed marker/point same day bug.
Added performer-action s
Added performer-action creation with new points
expanded maximum counter, paid values
added database support for phases
added backend phase creation
added phase regression calculations
added phase regression calculations sent to client
added backend phase repair interactions
added "Main Menu" label
changed "newlearners" label to reflect commas only
made display of point/marker/aim buttons contextually hidden
Added interface to create a new Aim Line

Version 0.2.7b - 2005 October 06

Revised login structure for greater maintainability
Login structure now uses login struct in aimapp
(re)Fixed new session initial data bug

Version 0.2.7a - 2005 Sept 19

Updated focus date to represent fall semester
Substantially revised and improved loading order
Attempted to fix new session initial data bug
Rewrote loader to properly use listeners (Sept 8)
Added default group creation to new user script. (Aug 4)
Locked down remnants of PJJ site.

Version 0.2.6a - 2005 May 31 (approx)

updating of all PJJ data points to have new editable standards
added rudimentary printing (must manually set landscape)
AimChart wiki created; main page updated
printing page added to wiki

Version 0.2.5e/f - 2005 May 23

fixed/finished draggable delete and update of datapoints
fixed/finished draggable delete and update of markers
PJJ decommissioning
(will come with main site decommissioning)
converted chartsingle to use chartcontroller like subchart
converted chartsingle to properly use midpoint convention
added unique key to point and marker db
removed point db pkey
editable marker CF
update point CF tweaking
fixed being able to delete unaligned points/markers
fixed passing unaligned marker date
fixed deleting of unsnapped points

Version 0.2.5c/d - 2005 May 17/18

Added ability to drag marker after entering text
Added marker "edit" highlighting
Added marker delete interface
Added point "edit" highlighting
Fixed bug displaying initial markers
Fixed bug where saving was suppressed (d)

Version 0.2.5b - 2005 May 11

Fixed onchart test
Added marker "text" button
Made textfield selectable default to false
Fixed marker styles
Added marker get/insert to app & cache
Added marker get/insert to app server
Added marker to database
Added text support to nodes
Main newaccount & forgot password is v4 [May 3]
Added Marker new/save/cancel buttons to chartsingle
Added Marker drawing routine
Added Marker datacontrol checkbox
Added Key checkbox for KeyCommand
Added blank PointStyle
Removed access to bookmarked login.cgi [May 4]

Version 0.2.5a - 2005 May 2

Fixed bug relating to "today" line
New support email
Main login is Flash login
.net/org & nowww work

Version 0.2.4b - 2005 April 1

converted to using the Midpoint Date
extended center taxis to point to date chooser
adjusted titlebar
rearrange and resize layout to barely regain 800x600
update xconvert to match
improved date labels
draggable alternate duration misdisplay bug quashed
added record floors
adjusted character labels
darkened record floors so they're actually visible
made datalines default to off

Version 0.2.3b - 2005 Mar 24

added primitive comfort pair interface
completion of all PJJ features
added flash password change
flash sharing controls (with other users)
create a new free account
forgot password email
adjusted layout
changed default positive style back to 12 (dot) from 20 (triangle)

Version 0.2.2d - 2005 Mar 11

patched bug where KeyCommand was working when it wasn't supposed to
basic cascading of screenmanagers
revised overall arrangement of screens
moved charts and export into "Data"
simplified individual groups screens
opaque backgrounds for Learners and Actions
use darker, prettier chart by default
fixed buttons on manage screen (bug not user reported)
fixed action definition (bug not user reported)
alternate message when you can't add data

Version 0.2.1c - 2005 Mar 5

fixed bug regarding no group to manage showing up in groups page

Version 0.2.0d - 2005 Mar 3

added CSV data export screen
moved debug screen into settings
added the ability to add datapoints without actually having to drag from a certain point.
(uncheck the "require drag" checkbox to use)
fixed bug where workspace was initially larger than anticipated
fixed resize ComboBox components bug
(fixed bug about overflow of function pulldown)
added the ability to logout from within flash
added the ability to view student's passwords within flash
(educator display of their learner passwords)

Version 0.1.9d - 2005 Feb 15

added warning to group screen that students can't use it
added dragpoint duration picking up action's default
added newlearnerstring component
made encapsulating dataserver component
basic group management
group help message
deleting of groups
group joining and unjoining of learners and actions
rough adding of actions
rough adding of learners
rough adding of groups

Version 0.1.8c - 2005 Feb 7 (test & live)

Fixed bug involving dragpoint not appearing
Fixed bug involving innappropriate limiting of dragged points
Fixed server bug involving setting points
Made poplists functional (pop)
Lengthened Learner and Action poplists
Improved poplist to exclude "all" itself
Improved poplist to only summarize if over spill of 2
Improved poplist so reclicking summary removes popped
Reenabled appbg.

Version 0.1.7d/e - 2005 Feb 03 (test & live)

Updated standard date to 2005 Jan 23
Fixed box from screen selection appearing after selection was made
allowed students to see all groups they're members of, now.
add alternate durations to new points (2 minutes, 1 day... dpd)
added duration pulldown for dragged points
added duration textbox for new points
added submission of duration
added check for points past bottom of chart display with high durations (untested in chartsingle)
added cancelpoint button
fixed snapf vs showncount bug in dragpoint
fixed timezone bug in dragpoint
multiple-select poplists to reduce the amount of room the interface needs to take
add basics of poplist
added summaries to poplist.
debug poplist null matching
added background to catch all "off onPress" occurances.
changed aimchartloader to properly size aimchartmain
changed fla layout to facilitate poplists
modified poplists to stay until minimized.

Version 0.1.6d - 2005 Jan 25

fixed dragpoint dot occuring during initial "all actions" selection
fixed addpoint to allow times down to 0.01 minutes into old time
fixed addpoint to submit durations in ms too
moved all input processing into smarter nodes, with less places for error
made appbg - clickable background , moving that code to aimchartmain
moved title and screen to "main" form from root.
reorganized class structure
shrunk chart by 15%, but added more size settings in "Settings"
fixed bug where the celeration of the last loaded points of a set wasn't appearing
added "save" button when dragging a point
fixed bug with displaying ? for non-1 durations

Version 0.1.6a - 2005 Jan 14

created the "tools" directory for temporary tools
added styles to database
added stylecaching to the applet
added style creation tool to tools dir
added action - style linking tool to tools dir
added action-style data to the app server
added action-style data management to the applet
added drawn triangle and square shapes
fixed text-based style redraw bug
workaround use of [] instead of eval for createtextfield

Version 0.1.5h - 2005 Jan 11

restricted display of dragpoint to when there is only 1 learner and 1 action
fixed KeyCommand preventing some password entry
Added dragpoint server communication - dragged points are actually added to database
removed possibility of newpoint drag clicking when chart invisible
added ability to use email as a logon for the flash loader
further added to point auditability & trackability
fixed bug where changing learner wouldn't send dragged point
added demo logon (

Version 0.1.5d - 2005 Jan 05

fixed sign of half-period offsets (was noted with midpoint convention)

Version 0.1.5c - 2005 Jan 04

squashed datesize redraw bug
added alternate timescales (e.g. week, month)
changed input to midpoint convention

Version 0.1.5a - 2005 Jan 03

added auditability of all data point entry
conversion of points db to transitional
modified dragpoint so it appears even if today is not in range
finished dragpoint so it works from any startdate
tweaked chart label alignment

Version 0.1.4c - 2004 Dec 10

Textbased point styles are not suppressed by "points" checkbox.
uncertain "?" are vertically centered
. Fixed bug with cacheonly subchart fixed
Fixed bug with textfield's not being limited by drawok fixed

Version 0.1.4b - 2004 Dec 3

Made 2Dtree automatically remove all textfields unless specifically made permanent.
Made newpt label a permanent textfield
Moved frequency and floor calculations into chartnodes
Added floating label for dragged point
Added the ability to drag new data points (but not save)
Added base.math.forcebetween
Fixed lack of init() call

Version 0.1.3a - 2004 Nov 24

Added new PointTypes for href and text
Fixed embed fonts and some other TextStyle things
Therefore fixed font alpha-shading
Fixed valign so it works universally, now
Fixed floor calculation bugs
Replaced all floor points with question marks
Added skipfunction to multigon points
Added resetmc to clear textboxes

Version 0.1.2a - 2004 Nov 17

added multicolored, "colorwheel" view
tweaked overlays

Version 0.1.1c - 2004 Nov 12

made "Viewer" a single compile-time option
added current chart view warning
added current chart option to overlay manager
changed views to overlays

Version 0.1.1b - 2004 Nov 11

Added Views, so you can now overlay variant data
fixed listmanager indices bug
fixed bug with lines retaining invisibility
fixed bug with negative celerations - there isn't a negative celeration specific bug
fixed startup bug with varied startdates and line overruns
tweaked data caching
fixed too many "self" bug

Version 0.1.0a - 2004 Nov 9

Cache can be saved locally for offline viewing (in the settings function)
Removed all dynamic list creation from "cache" classes, it's now all in listmanagers
Fix cache-push bug - that required second click to see noncached data.

Version 0.0.9e - 2004 Nov 4

Loader now allows separate login without PJJ site
fixed constant Autologon
removed broken progressbar
Fixed loader problem with existing cookie
Fixed keycatch bug preventing login
Fixed initpush bug preventing failed loader login
Added "Chart Selection" which has more visual data with selector
revised alpha fading of bg in many situations
added gold today's date marker
fix flash classfile timestamping bugs
setup flash handling of localtime
cleaned up output on debug panel
changed title from build to Viewer
improved cfc to automatically flush login on open (server backwards compatible)
improved cache manager to request self actions for all groups
improved cfc to push self: learneractions (server backwards compatible)

Version 0.0.9b - 2004 Oct 27

added new celerations based on xform regressions
added new xform regressions
fixed yaxis overrun of chart
remove demo and maxpoints
fixed missing datacontrols
revised development plan to release Viewer early
temporarily removed unuseable screens to prep for independent chart release
revised server-side cfcs to be more efficient and cacheable, both serverside and clientside
revised listmanagement to automate selections
revised keycommands for new select
added keycommands for source and groups
built and tested data caching and xform system for points
fixed data caching for groups etc
revised chart to "subchart" method
eliminated all non-cacheable data calls
made all revisions necessary to aimchartmain to allow loader login
revised date method to match new controllers
fixed all learners and all actions, now done entirely in flash
added self learner so student logins can see their data
integrated "select" with chart
fixed PJJ student link - there were two templates in perl
improved the loader, including having it hand off initial data.

Version 0.0.8d - 2004 Oct 20

revised and cleaned up class inheritance structure somewhat
added "debug" screen, so debugging output no longer appears on the chart.
added "Test the Flash Chart" link to PJJ _student_ databook
fixed loading bug that caused back-rev of 8b.
changed cfc location to permanent location.
built data and caching system for sources/groups/members/actions
quashed flash bug where netdebug can only appear in _level0

Version 0.0.8b - 2004 Sept 22

Added some additional layout management.
Added event management for group lists
Added flash functionality of groups; CF side isn't debugged and is therefore currently disabled.
Added flash functionality of sharing; no CF yet.
Added screen option for databook
Added databook links to select screen
Added cachehash to prep for caching
Added loader swf to prep for login ability
(Versions before 008b will be incompatible with the loader)
Added flash functionality for databook; no CF yet.

Version 0.0.8a - 2004 Sept 22

Essentially finalized and stabilized layout.
Changed screen selections to dropdown menu.
Revised overlay layout
Added "Settings" screen
Added setting for variable screen pixel size
Adjusted chart so it axis fits onto 800x600 screens
linked date control to always appear with chart screen.

Version 0.0.7e - 2004 Sept 14

Added keybindings for a and l

Version 0.0.7d - 2004 Sept 14

Added multiple screen management
Selection overlay of chart
Beginnings of group screen
CF addition of new students
Updated default date
Fixed "all learners" selection bug

Version 0.0.5c - 2004 August 3

Added left ylabels and bottom xlabels
Fixed style for text color
Fixed failure to login from perl
Changed to gather all (incl negative) data on start
Added some compensation for zero y values

Version 0.0.5 - 2004 August 3

Redid all scaling to separate drawprecision and accept non7 minor xaxis.
Merged all StyleManagers into one.
Moved chartcontrol into dtree; emptied chart.dtree
Moved Style choices into chartcontrol
moved "drawpoint" support into d2DTree
added text style
added demo mode that ignores login info.

Version 0.0.4 - 2004 August 1

Limited display of drawn objects to the field of the chart
Added drawing and controls for points, lines, and celerations
changed data color to green

Version 0.0.3 - 2004 July 28

Added Date choice-box; data display is now dynamic with regard to date.
Added entrybox for maximum displayed points.

Version 0.0.2 - 2004 July 27

Matt and I further improved the integration with the perl site; it probably saves changes now. Also, I implemented vastly improved database indices, which should speed up both sites.

The flash site now accepts your inputs and plots the data you ask it to (subject to the testing point limit) You don't yet have date control, and it's set to approx 1 Sept 2002 - so data too far from that is ignored.

Version 0.0.1

1) I believe Matt and I fixed all the bugs regarding automated password resets in the old perl site.

2) Because I was worried about integrating the flash with the older databook etc, I wanted to implement that integration immediately, so I did, and you're welcome to try to break it now. The horizontal bar below the tabs "Databook" and "Chart" is a hidden link.

3) The chart is displaying your first group and the datapoints from it. You cannot currently change anything, and it is displaying the first 140 or so points to speed debugging. (It has a sticky point where it starts to get slow which is actually around 1500 points, but until more stuff works I thought I'd keep it slightly faster)

Flash bugs:
Flash bug: Comboboxes may never have the same instance name even in different scopes
doing so corrupts the combobox component irrecoverably